Did You Know?

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  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies indicate that Indoor levels of many pollutants may be 25 times (up to 100 times) higher than Outdoor levels. EPA ranks Indoor air among the TOP 5 environmental risks to human health because in general, the Indoor air is 4 to 5 times more polluted than Outdoor air.

  • INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is a major health issue in almost every home. Dirty Air Duct system traps and builds up harmful dirt particles such as mold & mildew, fungus & bacterial viruses, dust & pollen, debris & allergic animal dander. All of these contaminants are easily spread out in your home each time your Furnace or AC turns on.

  • The best preventative measure to improve your Indoor air environment and prevent many upper respiratory illnesses (including Asthma), especially in children and elderly, is to have a regular Air Pressure cleaning & Power sanitizing of the Air Duct system to remove many harmful contaminants. We offer such Power Sanitizer Disinfectant for a special price of $49 (reg. $89).

  • Regularly cleaned Air duct system improves main airflow throughout your home, helping to increase the life of your Furnace by operating more energy-efficiently, which also greatly helps to cut down on fuel costs up to 15%.

  • Substantially renovated and newly-constructed homes should have the Air Duct System properly cleaned to remove harmful chemicals and construction dust. New homes in active construction neighbourhoods should have more frequent Air Duct System cleaning performed (at least every year) until such construction is completely finalized.

  • Regular Dryer Vent cleaning eliminates dangerous Fire Hazards as it removes restricting airflow lint & debris build-up accumulated on dryer duct walls. This greatly helps to extend the life of your Dryer by decreased drying time and overall improved performance & energy efficiency.

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